African Enterprise:

Since our first citywide outreach in 1962 in the city of Pietermaritizburg, African Enterprise has been evangelising the cities of African in word and deed in partnership with the local church.
The African Enterprise Training Centre serves the body of Christ by being a catalyst for mission and discipleship. Out heartbeat is to equip and mentor Kingdom-minded individuals and Christian organization who want to see South Africa transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Luis Palau enterprise

For more than 50 years of ministry, Luis Palau and his team have been known for their commitment to the Word of God and the clear teachings of Jesus Christ. Luis is a dynamic evangelist and teacher, living a life of dedicated service and commitment to God as he shares the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. The team has vast experience with global cities, cultures and people groups: The Palau Association has had the opportunity to work with thousands of churches in hundreds of cities around the world, including nine top global cities: London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, Moscow, Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Washington D.C. The Luis Palau Association has strong international experience with extensive ethnic and cultural understanding. The Palau Association has coordinated hundreds of citywide campaigns in dozens of nations, including major evangelistic festivals on five continents.